Question Bank


Create different types of questions such as Multiple Choices, True or False, Fill In The Blank and Subjective questions.


Manage and categorize the questions with question bank management system.

   Smart Assignments

Create and Distribute

Create assignments by picking up questions from question bank and distribute to students.

Auto Grading

Auto grading on Objective, True or False and Fill In The Blank questions. 

Assignments Reports

Teachers can access the students performance report on each assignment.

   Interactive Pad Classroom

One-To-Many with Dedicated Digital Whiteboard

Teacher can conduct an interactive class by pulling questions from question bank.  Every students having their own digital whiteboard and this allows students to write their own solution separately.


Teacher can get few students to start the collaboration and discussion on any selected student’s solution. This allowed them to learn from their peers which is the most effective way of learning.

Conducting Test

Teacher can conduct test in the class effortlessly by distributing the problem sets in Pad Classroom.

Class Performances

Teacher can access the students performance in the class after each problem solving session or test.

   Remote Teaching

One-To-One Tutoring

Teacher can provide one-to-one direct tutoring with real time video call and digital whiteboard.

One-To-Many Remote Teaching

Making teachers and students from different geographical location to be in the same virtual interactive classroom at the same time possible.

   Video Lessons


Provide digital whiteboard recording capability for fast and easy creating short video lessons.


Manage the teaching video files with built-in video library system.


Allows teachers to schedule video lessons in classroom timetable.


Students can access and playback the video lessons anytime, anywhere.



Teaches and students can broadcast announcements to the class within the platform.

Private Messages

Teaches and students can add friends to do private instant messaging.

Audio/Video Call with Digital Whiteboard

Private audio/video call is supported with digital whiteboard for collaboration and private tutoring.